Changing the PCSSD library system for the new age

Changing the PCSSD library system for the new age

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A school district is rebranding its traditional library format into a versatile library learning center. The library has always been a place to check out books, read and...


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Principal Clayton

Good morning Comet Nation! You have one hour to make it to the CAPs program free ACT Prep @ Mills High room 306. It starts at 12 noon and concludes at 3pm. Hurry out. view image

Principal Clayton 1 day ago

Alicia Gillen, board secretary, has 3 children - Shayla Dixon 22, Nicole Gillen 13, Julia Gillen 12. She also has a dog named Maggie who is 15. In her spare time, she enjoys antiquing, traveling and cooking. view image

PCSSD 2 days ago
Mills High

Mills High School invites all in the Mills Feeder to a "Night of Edutainment" tonight (Tuesday, January 21) at 6pm. There will be workshops for both students and parents. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence view image

Mills High 6 days ago

Shelby Thoma and his wife, Leigh, have been married 25 years and 4 children: Simone-24, Nathan-23, Amelia- 20, and Novi-3. His favorite hobby is running and he also enjoys spending time with his youth group. view image

PCSSD 9 days ago

Brian Maune and his wife, Jennifer, have been married nearly 14 years. They have 5 kids and another due in May! Brian's hobbies include family travel and outdoors activities like hunting, fishing and camping. view image

PCSSD 11 days ago
Carlethia Houston

Mills Parents please join us for the Mills High Night of Edutainment, Tuesday, January 21, 2020. This night will include performances and a chili cook-off. Students whose parents attend will receive extended lunch passes. See flyers for more details. view image

Carlethia Houston 13 days ago


Mar 13

Event: End of Third Quarter

12:00 AM
Mar 23 - Mar 27

Event: Spring Break (No School)

12:00 AM
May 28

Event: Last Day of School

12:00 AM