August 11, 2021, Open House

Dear parents and scholars, 

Wednesday evening, August 11, 2021, from 5 pm until 7:30 pm, Mills U.S. High School will host our open house.  9th and 10th graders will enter the building through the north entrance near the gym and concert hall.  The 9th grade will sit on the north side of the main gym (home side bleachers) while the 10th-grade class will sit on the south end of the gym, the visitor side.  The 11th-grade class will enter through the front of the school and travel to the auxiliary/practice gym and sit in the bleachers while seniors will go to the cafeteria to start.  The goal is to complete important forms including health forms, lunch forms, and students' statement of responsibility forms.  

The lockers and parking passes will be purchased in the media center.  Please enter across from the elevator and exit on the other end to ensure traffic flows and we practice physical distancing as best as possible. 

Afterward, students will go to the seminar room to get a mandatory, student, school ID with the choice of a FAST PASS which allows no extra cost at all PCSSD hosted sporting events ($15 + $5 for your locker Total =$20).   The regular school ID without the FAST PASS is only $5.  ($10 total for ID and locker).  If a student drives and needs a parking pass, the cost is only $10 for the first two weeks.  Have your car's year make and model along with the license plate number readily available at the time of purchasing your parking pass.   Starting August 30, 2021, the parking passes will be $15 each.   Please bring cash only. We will accept money orders for the correct amount.