ZAP-Zeros Are Prohibited -ICU

Dear Parents & Guardians, 

Our ZAP -ICU Database serves a dual purpose. We want parents to know what work the scholars are missing and we work to ensure they get it turned in. Zeros are not the answer.  We look to hold students accountable to turn in the work before engaging in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs.  


When a teacher puts a student's missing assignment on the ICU list, parents are automatically texted and emailed a notification of the missing assignment. The email includes any specified comments or attachments from the teacher.

The ICU Database has been the 'game changer' for getting everyone on board. The response from parents and students has been amazing. The assignments have been rolling in.


Communication is not only between the teachers and the students, but also between coaches, administration, and most importantly the parents. It’s a chance to address academic issues quickly and promptly so that other educational gaps do not arise.